In today’s fast-paced, continuously mutating markets, companies can no longer achieve sustainable growth by simply fixing their problems or pursuing incremental change.


Business as usual doesn’t cut it.


So we help clients see, articulate, and realize a new future for their brand, business, culture, or product (and sometimes all). This is how we help them get ahead and stay ahead.



We do


We Are

We are a business consultancy and branding firm called Fluence.

This name reflects our difference because it is, and we are, all about “flow” and “magic.”


Specifically, we create ideas that transform our clients’ businesses and brands, and we design

and orchestrate communications, programs and experiences that flow seamlessly and coherently across channels, touchpoints, platforms and borders.

We do this by bringing together a global perspective, local expertise and individual focus.

This allows us to spark the magic of connection—establishing relevance, creating inspiration, building understanding and forging relationships—all to drive the business success of our clients.




“Magic” and “flow” are more than just definitions of Fluence, these ideas also define our approach to work and pledge to our clients. Being Fluence means that we are not done with our work until we have created magic—

a flow of ideas and solutions that spark powerful emotional connections with both our clients and their audiences.


With new competition able to emerge from almost any industry, start-up or geography, success requires more than ever before a conviction that “good enough” never is, a commitment to always go the extra mile, and a refusal to ever settle for the expected or routine. 


We understand that when you work with us, you need a solution in the marketplace now because opportunities can be fleeting and problems can compound quickly. So we reject the six-month research and strategy development timelines and 200-slide presentations that are characteristic of our industry.


Our approach enables us to cut out the BS and get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently—to deliver creative solutions that are grounded in insight and crafted with elegance to make an impact when it matters to your business.

Magic is the standard we live by. It’s what we work for. It’s what makes us Fluence.




We have had the privilege to work with a broad array of clients, globally and regionally, across a number of industries. The following is a sampling of the companies we’ve helped:


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