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Nahdi Pharmacy was founded with two stores in Jeddah in 1986. Over the next 26 years, Nahdi expanded to more than 800 locations in the Saudi Arabia, making it one of the largest pharmacy chains in the Middle East and North Africa. Although Nahdi had become a venerable name with a ubiquitous presence through the Kingdom, it was a traditional pharmacy that faced two emerging threats. First, the industry was changing— with lifestyle, health and nutrition, and beauty becoming increasingly important—areas that were not addressed by Nahdi at that time. Second, global pharmacy powerhouse Boots, which had already established a foothold in the region and was strong in health and beauty products, was poised to enter the Kingdom.

Seeing a need to respond to these emerging threats, Nahdi brought us in to help them transform their business and brand.


Through our discovery process, we identified an opportunity to build on Nahdi strengths to refocus its business from product and treatment to purpose and wellness. From this insight, we defined the Nahdi essence as wellness from the inside out, and we created a vision for the company to be recognized as the pioneers in helping communities live a healthier and more beautiful life. Strategically linking health and beauty shifted the entire narrative about what kind of store Nahdi was—while making it much more attractive to women. Through its unique services, expertise, and country-wide presence, the new Nahdi promotes healthy lifestyles and caters to the health and beauty needs of patients and shoppers alike.

We also developed a new visual identity for Nahdi that reflects the company’s commitment to caring for people and the community. Centered on a pure white heart, a multicolored shield represents the many parts of the Nahdi network and how they work together to keep Saudis healthy and happy. We extended the new design into communications and a variety of 2D and 3D applications. We also designed a completely revamped retail space that revolutionized the Nahdi in-store design. The result is a friendly, well-organized, and inspiring space that guides the shopper’s journey and experience.


Within the first year of the new Nahdi store format and branding , the company experienced an 18 percent increase in overall sales and an increase of almost 10 percent in basket size. The new Nahdi has been recognized with several awards, including the 2016 Best Retail Store Design Silver Award for the MENA region by the International Council of shopping Centers. Further, social media engagement shows overwhelming support for Nahdi’s new focus on wellness. And perhaps most importantly, Boots has not entered the Saudi marketplace.


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