Company Branding Services

Fluence Company Branding Services, Explained

What can you expect from Fluence? Let’s dive in and take a look at the sorts of services we offer. While Fluence believes that every brand deserves a unique, customized strategy based on its situation and goals, we want to go over a summary of the services we frequently offer to our clients.

Insight: Not sure where your brand is, or where it needs to go? We provide cutting edge brand analysis and evaluation, including audits, benchmarking, market segmentation, and performance indicators. Need to go deeper? We also specialize in stakeholder interviews, employee and customer surveys, and detailed driver analysis.

Strategy: Our company branding services also include high-level strategic planning. Fluence is the right partner for finding your brand’s true essence, the purpose of your company and how that purpose is built at the brand itself. When your company understands its vision with new clarity, smart brand decisions follow – and we’re here to make sure the plan is right.

Consulting: Do you need more specific solutions for marketing or sales? We’re happy to offer experienced consulting services including market penetration, customer journey mapping, scenario planning, cultural definition and transformation, and much more. We also provide co-creation and innovation development for pushing forward into new campaigns and different types of content. If there’s an area where you need more information or want expert advice, we’re there for you with the latest brand analysis and evaluation.

Design & Writing: From basic naming to visual assets and verbal identity, we provide a wide variety of design and writing services with a holistic approach that ensures your brand story is cohesive and powerful. If you’re building a new brand or updating existing brand content for a new world, we can work with you to make sure every detail is perfect for your business – and exactly what your customers want.

Activation: From implementation to retiring old brands, our company branding services can also help your business plan out all the specific steps you need to reach your goals. When your brand is ready, we can also help you with actuation, employee involvement, cementing thought leadership in your industry, and much more.