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Founded in 2007, Jabal Omar Development Company (JODC) is a real estate developer whose flagship project, Jabal Omar, is a $26 billion multi-use real estate mega development project within walking distance of The Grand Mosque of Makkah. JODC engages in the investment, development, management, and sale of Jabal Omar, which supports the Saudi government's goal to expand the Grand Mosque to accommodate 30 million pilgrims and Umrah visitors. JODC defined its role in the expansion in functional terms—developing real estate and hospitality offerings to accommodate the increased number of visitors to Makkah. However, this definition of the project lacked a distinctive and inspiring vision and reason for being, which was problematic insofar as JODC is publicly traded and needs to generate excitement and commitment from investors. 



We redefined the Jabal Omar brand around the idea of "homage to the holiest city," 
and we articulated a new purpose for the brand: To capture the rich history and culture of Makkah. The idea was to provide Makkah's visitors and residents with a unique spiritual and physical experience—not just a place to stay, but a complement to the Hajj or Umrah experience, with numerous places to shop, dine and immerse themselves in the unique history and culture of Makkah. Building on this idea, we designed a new brand mark and design system that pays homage to Makkah, from the proportions matching the Kaaba from an aerial view to the early Kufic calligraphy style—inspired by the first copies of the Quran. We also designed communications, including stationery, symbols, livery, press 
kit, investor kit,  posters, print, and digital advertising, billboards, and website. We then developed a comprehensive communications plan targeting the general public, residential buyers, and retail tenants with detailed channel and program recommendations across awareness, engagement, conversion, experience, and advocacy phases. The campaign's overarching goal was to showcase Makkah's amenities along with its culture and history to create perceptions of Makkah as a premium and sought-after destination. 

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