Corporate Identity Services

Corporate Identity Services: Making Complex Branding Easy Again

Larger organizations and conglomerates tend to have a number of brands to manage. We understand that these brands may have very different tones, online presence, and requirements for management, which is why Fluence offers brand architecture strategy for organizations that want to keep multiple brands at once.

Brand architecture refers to how your specific portfolio of brands is organized, and how decisions are made for each brand. At times organizations must make top-down decisions that will affect the way every in-house brand behaves. At other times, brands may need to make their own unique decisions about the future of the brand and how it will expand. Fluence can provide guidance for how these decisions should be made and implemented with coherence and clarity.

We also offer corporate identity services for organizations that seek to change the way that customers perceive their brand portfolio. This often happens when corporations shift strategies to expose customers to more of their brands and find new synergies between the different brands they may have. With the right brand architecture help, corporations can create ad campaigns and marketing content that raise awareness for all their brands. This can be particularly useful if one brand seems to be lagging behind, or if there is a primary brand that outperforms the others.

At other times, corporations may need to plan the launch of a new brand, or the merging of all their old brands into one unified representation. This can also mean changes in organization identity, which is why we offer consultation and strategy for these decisions as well.

Additionally, we can help your organization with liquidation events and mergers where a brand will no longer be part of your identity, or must be properly passed along to another corporation without losing its equity.