Brand Strategy Help

Brand Strategy Help: Finding the Right Long-Term Decisions

As your organization grows and changes, it’s important that your brand evolves alongside it. But how should brands change over time? Fluence will work with you to help you decide what to do with your brand when the time comes for a change.

Brand Updates and Improvements

Even treasured brands that are widely recognizable can benefit from updates and other decisions. A common example are organizations that have had a logo that’s worked well for years, but it is difficult to transition to digital content because of the design, colors, etc. In this case we can help the brand create a new logo that’s still recognizable as a successor to the old logo, but with an updated design that’s easy to use on social media, emails, and websites.

Likewise, sometimes fonts and logos can start to show signs of age, and become a poor match for the brand that an organization wants to project to its current customers. We can also help these organizations improve their brands with key changes while still making sure that the brand retains its value.

Brand Migration and Implementation

At times, organizations find it that it’s time to migrate a brand over from a company that was recently acquired or merged. But that means much more than just continuing to use the same logo: The organization must also choose how the brand’s tone, customer communication, social media behavior, and content creation should be migrated over.

Understandably, this requires a lot of decision making, and Fluence offers consulting services and implementation planning to ensure the process is smooth, effective, and ensures customer retention.

Dividing and Combining Brands

At times, the best choice is to combine two brands together, or create a new version of a brand for an acquired company. If this is the right choice, Fluence will be happy to offer brand strategy help for the best way to proceed and how to implement the new brand.